Monday, December 27, 2010

Maximize your happiness

I know it's hard for me to make decisions. With the amount of choices that life presents with us today, its easy to get overwhelmed. Here's a little psych research that could help simplify your life.

2 groups of people
"Maximizers" who consider every possible option
"Satisficers" who look until they find an option that is good enough.

Studies found that while maximizers (aka capitalists)ended up with better paying jobs than satisficers on average, they weren't as happy with their decision.

Why do these people feel less satisfied? Maybe because a world of possibilities is also a world of missed opportunities. When you look at every possible option you tend to fixate more on what was given up than what was gained."There may be people out there who try to maximize on everything and, in the process, end up making decisions that don't satisfy what they're looking for." These people will, literally, never be satisfied.

Moral of the story: settle for good enough and not the best/perfect. Otherwise you will always be searching for better, and in turn sacrifice other things that contribute to your happiness. 
If anything, maximize your happiness!

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