Wednesday, October 5, 2011

8 minute Abs

Alright guys, so this weeks workout was taken from a P90X routine (you know, the black dude on the infomercials who's all muscle). Many clients who I have trained this week have already told me how sore they are from doing this routine, 2 days later. So without further or due, here it is:

1. Rainbows

2. Knee Hugs

3. Bicycle

4. Reverse Bicycle

5. Vertical Scissors

6. Horizontal Scissors

7. Glute lifts

8. Indian Style Sit Ups

9. Leg Climbers L,R

10. Side Taps

11. Hip Raisers (flat, on heels)

12. Side Plank

13. Mountain Climbers 

14. Superman 

Do either 30 seconds or 30 counts of every exercise.

**Don't forget to stretch!!**
Do cobra to counterbalance the abs and child's pose to loosen the lower back.

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