Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Study about people sensing unseen energies

I found this post on Psychology.com and I found it very interesting. It said that in an interview, it found that people who were more sensitive reported feelings of experiencing the "unseen" world, meaning ghosts, spirits, whatever you may call them. It also found that the majority of these people were: women, ambidextrous, imaginative, introverted, affected by electronics, only child, divorced parents, and single.  (Funny because I fit most of these!)
It goes on to say that a large majority of these people experience being struck by lightning, or any electrical appliances.

OK, I think its pretty safe to say this freaks me out a little. Thinking back on my life and events that happened, I'm confident to say that I belong to this group of people. 

Physically- Electricity. Light bulbs exploding when turning them on, electric shocks from outlets, touching a car and feeling a shock, these are all things that have experienced in the past 6 months.

Emotionally. Ever since 13 and my parents divorcing, life has been a little bit of an emotional roller coaster. Always going back and forth between my parents houses every two weeks could make any teenager trying to find themselves as a person a little more difficult. Going back and forth between houses, I learned to adjust myself to their liking. Each one had similar rules, but the difference always was their reaction and form of punishment. My Father was the soft one that had a lot of rules, but was really one cool guy trying to live a normal life. Casually. Though he had high standards and strict rules, he never took his anger out on me. My mother on the other hand, was the do it yourself, strong yet cocky woman, who was pretty much the reason I am so disciplined in my life, but also the reason that I'm so harsh on myself as well. Point being, that I had to learn to feel the vibes of each parents to be able to adjust to their environment, learning and exercising the emotions of each. Taking in each sides grieving's about each other wasn't easy, but it helped me learn to be a good judge of character, a peacemaker, and realize that there are always going to be two sides to any story. 

 Let's move to present day and describe my situation today. I live alone with my dog, am a woman, consider myself imaginative and introverted, am affected by electricity, am an only child, and have divorced parents. Does this mean I've got too much alone time on my hands, or that I'm a good candidate to be a spiritual healer? Seriously. Read the story of Oliver Sacks. You'll be amazed. 

Spiritually-This ones hard to say, but somethings been astirring. More on this one later...

I think its pretty safe to say that this article proved I'm enlightened with positive radiant energy. 

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