Thursday, October 20, 2011

20 min. Yoga Post-Workout

Yoga is great. Especially after a workout, because your muscles are sore, its super important to stretch those muscles to release the accumulated lactic acid in them. It's also good for joint stability, and maintaining proper alignment for muscles and bones.

Sun Salutation: Open arm stretch, forward fold (5)
Side Leans, arms above head (5)
Arms forward, on toes, squat, come up, arms down (5)
Toes out, squat, heel raises, arms out (20)
Single leg, knee ups, leg extensions (10 each side)
Side squat, arms forward (10 each side)
Head faced forward, arm rotations (10)
Sun Salutations (same as beginning, 10)
~On Floor~
On knees, cat curl, spine extension (5)
Ground to plank position (5)
Mountain Climbers (10)
Side Plank, hip raises (5 each side)
On back, arms forward, feet out, feet in, arms back (5)
Hip raisers, one leg up (10 each side)
Knee in, leg over stretch

Make sure you stay focused, hydrate, and be mindful of your decisions. Make every day count! 

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