Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping. Nobody likes it. It's a hassle, too many choices, too many people. Since grocery shopping isn't my #1 favorite chore to do, I find ways to get in and out fast. Heres for a lightweight shopping experience:
1. Make a list
2. Read Labels
3. Stay on the Perimeter
4. Don't shop while hungry
5. Stay focused and keep a $$ limit in your head. Challenge yourself!

Here's my list of what I purchased for this week at Trader Joes:

Orange Juice
Soy Milk
Lentil Chips
Coconut Water
Trail Mix
Non-fat Yogurt
Whole Wheat Bread
Banana Protein Muffins

Since I only needed staples for this week I gave myself a $50 limit. 

Total: $46.42 

Mission Accomplished, Check! 

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