Friday, April 26, 2013

Good Things :)


Just wanted to share with the world that today was amazing!!

I taught my first cooking class birthday party, AND made it to the front page of the newspaper. 
The birthday party was fun, especially with these cute girls! But it sure did take a lot of planning and spontaneous creativity. Always gotta be on your feet, ready for anything!

We made (Non-Alc) Strawberry Sangria

 Caprese Salad

Gazpacho Soup
 and Seafood Paella

If a great event didn't top my day already, it added a big fat cherry on top when my boss sent me a pic of the front page of the SF Chronicle of me teaching one of my cooking classes. 
I don't care about the fame, but what really matters is that other people are starting to value the importance of children learning about health, nutrition, and becoming a greener planet.
Let's hope this trend continues upward!

I hope all this positive energy sticks around :)

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